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E-Mail Marketing Challenges for Cannabis Businesses

Is email old news? Social media and messenger apps already allow cannabis businesses to easily connect with their customers. Email marketing might seem like a relic of the past — something your parents’ generation might use, but certainly not the latest cannabis startup. But hold on: newer doesn’t necessarily mean better. And even though it’s […]

5 Low-Budget Marketing Hacks for Your Cannabis Startup

If you’re a cannabis startup with a modest marketing budget, you’ve got to find ways to save money but still get your message across effectively. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Having limited resources can force you to be creative and innovative in your approach. But if your budgetary woes are making it difficult […]

6 Best Inbound Marketing Solutions for Small Cannabis Businesses

Because of online search tools, your cannabis customers now have more ways to find out information about your company and its products and services than ever before. While “outbound marketing” or interruption-based marketing focuses on trying grab the consumers attention through methods such as paid advertising, inbound marketing is about giving your customers the valuable […]

5 Trends to Follow as Cannabis Enters the Wellness Industry

Forget about medical cannabis. Forget about recreational cannabis. Just for the time being… Because while these two categories cover a wide swath of the overall market, cannabis is quickly becoming a part of the lucrative wellness industry – a space that is quite distinct from recreational and medical usage. “Wellness” is about making choices to […]

Top 4 Ways to Build Cannabis Customer Loyalty

Acquiring a new cannabis customer is one thing… But turning that customer into a returning customer is a challenge all its own. According to a joint report released by BIA/Kelsey and Manta, 61 percent of small businesses claim that half their revenue comes from returning customers. Additionally, a returning customer spends 67 percent more than […]