How to increase dispensary sales

With the cannabis retail space growing more crowded every day, the competition for new customers is fierce. To keep the new customers coming through the doors, your dispensary needs a marketing strategy that stands out, grabs attention, and ultimately drives more sales for your dispensary.

But what exactly should that marketing strategy entail? Let’s take a look at the different tactics you can use to bring in new customers and turn them into loyal shoppers who keep coming back.

Discounts and Promotions

For many consumers, the cost is an important factor in any purchasing decision. Customers shop where they can get the best deal. Discounts and promotions can bring in new customers and convince returning customers to come back more often to check out your current deals. Furthermore, you can add more discounts into the mix in the form of loyalty and referral programs that reward customers for coming back and bringing their friends.

Widen Your Product Range

There is a huge range of experiences and effects that people are looking for from their cannabis product purchases. Don’t limit your dispensary to too narrow a niche. Expand your offering beyond the typical flower and edibles found in every dispensary, and make sure to offer a wide range of potencies too.

Modern cannabis cultivation techniques allow for more highly potent cannabis products than legacy markets could ever offer. But that is not what everyone is looking for, and if that is all you offer, new cannabis consumers are likely to have a bad first experience when they buy from you.

Furthermore, provide detailed and up-to-date information about the products you have in stock. Some customers prefer to do their research online and only visit once they know exactly what they are looking for. If they can’t learn about what you offer online, they will shop elsewhere. Of course, you also need to abide by local regulations. In some regions, you can only provide a basic menu of your products online, or cannot provide a menu at all.

Stay In Touch

Your relationship with customers may start with their visit to your dispensary, but it should continue after that. Encourage your customers to sign up for your email or SMS newsletter to get the latest news about your business, new product alerts, and exclusive discounts. This gives you the opportunity to keep customers engaged with your business between visits to the dispensary. That way, the next time they need to make a cannabis purchase, they will already be thinking of your dispensary instead of the competition. Furthermore, keeping customers aware of the latest developments in your business can aid word-of-mouth marketing.

Remember Your Regular Customers

There is nothing quite like remembering your customers’ preferences and favorite products to show you appreciate their business. Great bartenders are known to keep notes on their regular customers, helping them remember their favorite drinks and other details to make them feel appreciated. This is a trick that budtenders can use to build greater rapport with customers and provide a friendly in-store experience that they will miss out on when they shop elsewhere.

Value Your Staff

The motivation and knowledge of your in-store staff are major factors in your ability to increase sales for your dispensary. If you want staff to go above and beyond to drive additional sales, they need a better incentive than a pat on the back. Here are some ideas to better reward and incentivize your staff to increase their sales:

  • Structured bonus pay for high sales numbers
  • Giving out free samples for hard work such as handling tasks outside of their usual responsibilities
  • Creating friendly competitions with a prize for the staff member with the most sales
  • Provide additional training and education opportunities to help them learn more about your products.


These strategies will help you to grab your customers’ attention and keep them coming back for more, as well as help bring in more new customers. Use them to get started in creating your own plan to drive additional sales and provide a more memorable customer experience today!