SEO strategies

Hazy Marketing provides custom-built search engine solutions for the cannabis industry. We
employ dedicated SEO strategies to establish your brand’s superiority within the cannabis


Organic growth.

To build your cannabis brand, you will need organic growth. A firm like
ours, specialized in cannabis focused SEO, is pivotal in getting your
brand in front of consumers. We employ a singular approach that
customizes your website to resonate specifically with your audience.

Our process

All of our search engine optimization efforts are designed to land your cannabis website in the
first page of search results. We seek out targeted cannabis industry leads through the
implementation of specific SEO strategies. We convert them through a dedicated suite of analytic
and measurement tools unique to the cannabis marketplace.


Establish authority

Research proves that the top 3 results receive 70% of the traffic. The process of ranking your site involves optimizing its structure as well as its content. Our goal is to employ a cannabis focused strategy to get your website seen by your ideal market.


Target cannabis keywords

The SEO department at Hazy begins the process with a comprehensive keyword analysis. We realize an in-depth study of how cannabis customers perform their online searches. Then, we seek out the cannabis related keywords that are used the most.


A cannabis focused strategy

We exploit the cannabis market’s potential and optimize your digital presence to resonate with your core audience. We maximize the amount of conversions by implementing an irresistible sales funnel that will make your cannabis business flourish.

Seize your market.
Expand your brand.

Hazy Marketing caters exclusively to the cannabis industry and possesses
an intimate knowledge of its needs and opportunities. We employ a
specialized approach to place your business at the forefront of search


We can target both local and national cannabis

We can single out opportunities for e-commerce,
dispensaries, growers and farms, lawyers and legal
services, doctors and cannabis accessories.

Hazy Marketing.
High expectations welcome.