Our Mission

Hazy Marketing is a boutique marketing company specialized in the cannabis industry. We employ our industry experience and innovative thinking to create attractive and effective marketing strategies. Our goal is to craft a refined online identity that impacts your customers through a sophisticated digital relationship.

What Sets Us Apart

Our approach to marketing and advertising is to craft a cosmopolitan experience for the cannabis connoisseur.

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Work Ethics

We’re committed to making your vision a reality. We provide a transparent workflow, constant feedback and set targeted objectives.

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Our Beliefs

The progression of medical and recreational laws throughout the country is a great opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs. We constantly seek to promote and employ the best practices within the industry.

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We transform your vision into innovative design and create strategies built to elevate your brand over the rest and weed out the competition. 

Team and Background

The Team

We are a dedicated team of web design and digital marketing fanatics that constantly strive for excellence.

The team is managed by Bjorn, an entrepreneur that implements innovation into everything he does. The tech side is in the seasoned hands of Steven, a professional with over 15 years of experience in building solid applications. The marketing team is led by Mike, a visionary thinker with a talent for spotting growth opportunities.

Sit down and talk with us. 

about us


The cannabis industry is now a mainstream juggernaut. When we realized the majority of businesses were unaware of cannabis focused advertising and marketing solutions, we decided to join forces.

Our goal was to provide cannabis entrepreneurs with every tool they need to succeed. Each one of our team members has a background in the cannabis industry, with exclusive connections to dispensaries, vape shops, growers, and manufacturers.

We believe that the power of cannabis focused advertising and marketing can help you achieve your vision. 

Join Us

We can target local and national cannabis markets.

We can single out opportunities for e-commerce, dispensaries, growers, lawyers and legal services, doctors, and cannabis accessories.

Hazy Marketing.
High expectations welcome.