Hazy Marketing Provides

A Sophisticated Cannabis Marketing Team

We thrive on high expectations. We deliver exceptional results.

Hazy Marketing is a marketing company specialized in the cannabis industry. Our experience provides an intimate knowledge of the needs of cannabis entrepreneurs. We build on your vision to create tailored strategies for lead generation and revenue growth.



Strategies that are unique and tailored to your needs only behind everything we do. A custom approach to your business and vision.

We are Your team. The team that’ll work on behalf of you day and night to make your project successful. From strategy to analytics, you can rely on Hazy Marketing. 


Work ethic and procedures developed at Hazy Marketing are done to have 100% transparency on what we do, how we do and why we do it. Our reporting and analytics are always clear and your questions always welcome.

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We show them before you want them. That’s the approach and part of the culture.  The goals are your expectations but we go beyond what you’d expect and deliver more then you’d wish for.