personal connection

Hazy Marketing engages cannabis consumers across social media platforms via genuine
interactions that reflect their interests. We employ our vast media savvy to make a personal
connection to cannabis connoisseurs.

your market

The use of social media is a game
changer for the cannabis industry.
But only for those who employ it properly.

How we do it.

Social media can be the perfect platform to promote an event, launch a new product or to
increase audience engagement.

how 1

In depth assessment

We will optimize your outreach with social media via an in depth assessment of your needs. Then, we tailor each social media plan to meet your specific goals.

How 2


We will deploy strategies designed to precision-target new audiences and boost your organic reach.

masseging Hazy

Messaging strategy

Consumers love real time interactions. Social media is an absolute win with the effective strategy of engaging users in real time. Win hearts and create the bond!

social media

Protect Your Brand

The use of cannabis advertising on social media can be fraught with complications. There are strict policies in place against recreational drugs. Your cannabis brand needs to be protected and the effort involved with maintaining compliance can be overwhelming. Failure to maintain compliance can get your social media profiles removed. You can lose your following, content and, most importantly, your credibility.

Hazy Marketing is well-versed with the regulations of cannabis advertising and marketing laws. Our social media team will help your cannabis business navigate these troubled waters.

Engage and Build

Our goal is to build your cannabis business into more than just a product or a service. We want it to be an experience.