Marijuana Web Design and Development

Our priority is to elevate your customer’s cannabis experience through innovative design. At Hazy Marketing, we aim to help you craft a sophisticated cannabis site for your customers. We believe that stylish, effective and responsive web design lies at the heart of that experience.

Join us in that effort.

Vision + Design

Your website deserves more than just eye catching graphics or witty slogans. At Hazy Marketing, we have a dedicated web design team for your cannabis business.

We develop and employ in house technology to foster conversion rates. We implement design elements focused on cannabis lead generation and revenue growth initiatives. The foundation of every website is built on converting visitors into lifelong customers for your cannabis brand. We optimize every site to be responsive across platforms and devices.

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Your Vision

Your website should be the direct reflection of your vision. We service that vision and passion by crafting a custom built website. Our design philosophy is anchored by modern design principles and a modern aesthetic. From dispensaries to growers, clinics and cannabis accessories – we believe in creating a sumptuous experience for the cannabis connoisseur.

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Build and Engage

We aim to convert visitors into loyal customers by harmoniously incorporating color, layout,  illustrations, infographics, photography and copywriting into an engaging website. Our goal is to funnel your web presence into increased revenue by building an original and appealing experience.

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The User Experience

At Hazy Marketing, we focus on innovative web design that caters to the cosmopolitan consumer that you target. We believe that an effective website should permit an enjoyable and seamless user experience.

Hazy Marketing.
High expectations welcome.