How To Make a User Friendly Cannabis Shop Website

cannabis shop website

If you have a cannabis business and you want to sell it online then, you might want to create a cannabis shop website dedicated for your business. Building an online store for your cannabis products will help your business reach out to your potential target market online. But what are some of the things you should consider in order for it to be successful and not result to a waste of money?

SEO Optimization

You might be new to the word “SEO optimization” but it’s actually not as complicated as you think it is. SEO for cannabis companies is comprised of two parts such as the Onsite and Offsite. Your headline tags, meta descriptions and keywords must be relevant and properly written as to what you’re advertising. Also, your images on the website must contain correct descriptions and keywords

In order for your website to get visible, your website needs to have valuable information on cannabis that can “sell” to your readers and potential customers.

To better understand your audience, you will need to install Google Analytics (GA) on your website which involves inserting a script into the footer code of the page you wish to monitor. This tool helps you by providing details on the number of views your page is getting, number of visitors and websites that directed their visitors to you.

Fast Loading and Mobile-Friendly

Have you ever come across a website that loads too slow? Well, we’ve experienced that at some point in our internet surfing and that certainly annoyed us. Websites that are not as responsive will not invite users and will not keep them coming back. Thus, it’s important that your cannabis website is fast loading and very responsive for a great user experience.

Moreover, keep in mind that people commonly use their phones now when browsing on the internet thus, making your website mobile-friendly is greatly recommended. Make sure that it works nice on phones and it looks pretty as it is on computers or your visitors will be turned off.

If you’ve successfully applied this on your cannabis shop website, you’ll be surprised at the increase of your visitors and potential customers.

Using High-Quality Images

Always remember that you are trying to make your visitors buy anything you sell on your website. Thus, it’s common sense that you put pictures or images on it that are of high-quality. Avoid uploading those that look pixelated or those that lost its resolution. A website that contains high-quality images makes your website appealing to the eyes and gives it a professional look on the users’ eyes.

Also pay attention to the alt text descriptions and image title tags. This is usually catered to the visually impaired which provide a brief sketch of your images that is read out by a program.  Use smart file names which means naming the image relative to the image. Bear in mind that a website with images is way better than having none at all.

User Experience (UX)

Create a website that is easy to understand, control and navigate. Make use of white space so as to make the reader feel the clarity of the message you are trying to convey or the product you are trying to sell. According to research, white space gives on a website gives off a feeling of being open, fresh and modern.

When thinking about the buttons for your website, carefully choose the color of your buttons.  For your cannabis shop website to sell, you need to choose colors that conveys the feeling of trust and experience.

Choosing The Right Platform

Today, more and more website platforms are emerging which makes it hard for you to choose for your business. Consider the functions it can give to your cannabis website, its simplicity and its cost. You may want to pick Shopify to build your website but then again, it’s you who will be the one to choose the platform you like in the end.

Before picking the right website platform for you, consider your needs and your purpose for building the website. Make sure its functions doesn’t limit you and it delivers best for a cannabis website. Then, all things can come easy for you.