5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Cannabis Website

 traffic to cannabis website

Your cannabis website went live almost a month ago.

So why aren’t you seeing any significant traffic yet? Why does your site feel like a ghost town?

If you have these questions, don’t despair. Just know this: growing your traffic is going to be an ongoing project for your dispensary marketing team. And you’ll need to grow that traffic while navigating the pitfalls and peculiarities of the cannabis business.

So we’ve put together this list of 5 ways to drive more traffic to your cannabis website. These tips should be a part of every dispensary marketing plan, no matter the size of your business.

The tips are also organized in order of relative importance, so try to check each one off before moving on to the next one.

1. Optimize Your Website

Google is the number one search engine in the world. If you want people to find your dispensary on Google, you need a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in place.

SEO has many different aspects: keywords, crawlability, unique content, backlinks, etc.

And although we can’t go too in-depth on how to build a winning SEO plan in this single post, you can check out some of our past SEO-related posts for more info:

2. Publish Content Regularly

People are used to getting free content, whether it’s articles, blog posts, photos, videos, podcasts, etc.

If you want to increase your site traffic, give the people what they want: free content and lots of it!

First, you need to think about what type of content you want to produce.

Don’t get too overwhelmed by all the different options. Just start with one, and preferably, one that’s simple – like a weekly blog.

Next, plan out what kind of content would be most useful to your target customers.

What type of information are they hungry for? What type of content are they likely to be searching for?

Once you start publishing content on a regular basis, you can make that content a part of your sales funnel, which can work exceptionally well if you do e-commerce.

For example, if you publish an article titled “5 Best Cannabis Strains For Anxiety,” you can place links within the article that direct the reader to your menu page where those strains are listed.

3. Maintain a Presence on Social Media

Unfortunately, most social media platforms don’t allow you to advertise or promote cannabis or cannabis-related products.

But that doesn’t mean you should remove social media from your dispensary marketing plan altogether.

You still need a social media presence. Here’s why:

  • It increases your brand exposure.
  • It improves your SEO.
  • It allows you to share content with your followers (photos, videos, blog articles, news).

And if you provide your followers with a steady stream of engaging, entertaining, and informative social media content, plus the promise of even better content if they come to your site, that’ll increase the likelihood that you can build traffic off of social media.

4. Create Targeted Email Campaigns

Social media gets a lot of love these days, but email is still king.

If you’re not already collecting customer emails, you should start now. You can do this easily by offering a special discount or a product giveaway to anyone who subscribes to your email list.

Once you start getting addresses, try to send emails to your customers on a regular basis.

Just don’t overdo it. You don’t want to spam people; otherwise, they may unsubscribe from your list.

Here’s a tip: you don’t have to promote the business or try to sell a product every time you email your customers.

You can just send them useful content, such as a monthly newsletter, or even a simple “thank you” for being an awesome customer!

5. Advertise on Cannabis-Friendly Networks

You may not be able to run ads on Google, Facebook, Bing, or Yahoo, but there are cannabis-friendly advertising platforms, such as Mantis and Adistry, that you can use to help you reach your target audience.

You should also consider advertising on Leafly, which is the largest cannabis website in the world. Plus, there’s WeedMaps, the “Yelp of cannabis,” and MassRoots, the social media platform built specifically for cannabis users.

These 5 tips should keep your dispensary marketing team fairly busy as they work to drive more traffic to your cannabis website.

But if you don’t have a dispensary marketing team, or your current team is overwhelmed and needs backup, give us a call at (702)-600-9687 or email us at hello@hazymarketing.com for a consultation!