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How Pandemic Affected Dispensaries’ E-Commerce: Tips to Reshape Your Business

Cannabis businesses have had to change a huge amount in their relatively brief history. The industry has changed a lot due to legal restrictions being changed, but as a pandemic struck in 2020, the whole industry, from dispensary wholesale supplies to individual E-Commerce retailers had to change. How do you reshape your business in the […]

Using Cannabis Slang in Marketing to Promote Your Business

When consumers know what they can expect from a product by seeing marketing that speaks to their expectations, their trust in the product will increase. This is crucial for any product, but for cannabis, it’s a requirement. The language you use to market your cannabis can change the expectations of the experience. Cannabis brands today […]

E-Mail Marketing Challenges for Cannabis Businesses

Is email old news? Social media and messenger apps already allow cannabis businesses to easily connect with their customers. Email marketing might seem like a relic of the past — something your parents’ generation might use, but certainly not the latest cannabis startup. But hold on: newer doesn’t necessarily mean better. And even though it’s […]